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Re: Acne has made my life miserable

Thanks for replying What the, vitamin_man & DaCure. I don't you can get b5 around here, not sure about that though. Is it a prescription drug or can you just buy it without the doc's permission? As for the second course of accutane, I don't think I can go on it yet. Aren't you supposed to have some sort of break between courses, something like six months or so? Plus I had some problems with my bloodtests last time, so my system might not be able to take such a high dose. Active acne isn't really even my biggest problem right now, it's all those red marks and scars that make me so ugly. You wouldn't happen to have anything for them? BTW don't suggest laser surgery or something similary expensive, I just don't have the money to do those.

Sorry to hear about that,DaCure. We have so much in common. I can truly feel your pain. Good luck. Try to hang in there.