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Re: I need your help, please help me....... sound like you need a hug (((DC)))

First off i would say to you i know EXACTLY how you said some things there that hit the nail right on the head and you have a good way of explaining a stuck a switch in your head.

please know that you arent sounds like anxiety to me. When im having a bad time, i obsess over thoughts..silly thoughts..but at the time they make me feel sooo bad..and like you i just cant stop them.

I really hope this never leads to a panic attack for you..but u have to be careful..if you find your thought really going wild and running away with should make sure you are in someones company. Try not to let the thoughts scare you.

theres not much advice i can give...but im sure the others on here will be helpful, meditation, soothing music...keeping occupied.
Claire Weekes books are great.
But feeling that you are alone is the worst thing..dont feel like that. Its amazing how many people are going throught this right now.

Keep in touch...DC, thinking of you

Bubbly x