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Re: Chiropractic Manipulation after ACDF

Hey Davy I got a chuckle out of what you said. My Nuero would go balistic if I went any where near a Chrio as well. Like I said before, I was a BIG Chrio beleiver, I mean come on I am Little Miss New Age and all that, but after this whole ordeal, it will be a cold day in hell before I go to one. I am not totally trashing them, I think they can benefit SOME people, and God know they are nice enough, But like you said,WHY would you let any one touch your neck after surgery, any Nuero who says its ok is a crack pot for sure!! I am starting to feel pretty good. I just have pain at night now, and it is tolerablet, no PILLSS!! I have not been over doing it, hard to beleive, but no stretches or running down stairs or lifting at all. I did drive yesterday,(I am still in collar) but just a very short distance into town and very slowly. I am Five weeks down. 2 more weeks in the Neck Brace. I am getting excited!!! XXX Lori

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