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Re: complications of C2 fracture??Help!!

hi ......just wanted to say that i have just been told that i have a ruptured disk at c/2 c3/c4 that is compressing quite severly on my spinal cord...the worse area being c2..i am wondering..did u have autonomic problems due to this? whenever i lay down especially ,my face starts burning,i get dizzy .feel like i am gonna pass out....heart pounds then slows way down,sweat around my neck and forehead...neuro told me today that this can be signs of autonomic failure and that if it continues when i lay or my breathing keeps being shallow(fergot to tell u that one) to go to the emergency room and take my films cuz i may have to be admitted right then.....this scares me..did u have any thing like this? thanks so much and i am sorry i couldn't help u cuz i haven't had the surgery.......anyway my problems are also..bad leg weakness,using cane,my rt arm isn't functioning good,numbness almost everywhere,tingling,burning,dizzy,fatigu e.etc... thanks again ,Michelle