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Re: golfer1 welcome fellow idetter :)

Hey there, <IMG SRC="">
Glad you're going to the spine doc next week, maybe they'll have some help for you. Are you planning to take it easy this weekend? I hope you relax away the time and your back is good to you. <IMG SRC="">

I guess I should feel lucky that I was restricted so severely, it held things off for a while longer anyway. I don't know HOW you went back to work after 4 days!!!!!!!!!! <IMG SRC=""> I could barely move it hurt so much.

It's now that I'm trying to be more active and work that I seem to be inflaming things. My prednisone runs out tomorrow, so we'll see what the weekend holds for me. I'll be incommunicado for a few days, so I hope you are fine and have some sunny moments in your days this weekend.

You're in my thoughts! <IMG SRC="">


L4-5 herniation/annulus tear, L3-4 herniation
Post op IDET 7-12-2002

Wishing you pain free moments, however short they may be. OMAB