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Re: arthritis of spine w/herniated discs

PatG, I can add something here on the drug Neurontin that you are taking. My husband is a paraplegic and has been plagued since the injury with constant burning, knifelike pain in his legs (phantom pains). He could stab himself with a knife in the leg and not feel that, but these pains are from the nerve endings. He tried accupuncture for 2 years and psychotherapy with hypnosis along with many pain killers. Until he went on Neurontin he rarely got through a night sleeping without pain. He still has pain, but not the constant and severe pain he used to have 24/7. Neurontin is a type of drug (as you said for seisures) that his neurosurgeon said will not stop working once you reach your dose level. Some drugs seem to work for a time and then stop. He takes 8 300 mg. tabs spread out through the day and night. It was such a relief for me to finally see something that works.