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Post dangerous workplace

I've posted on this topic before and everyone gave me good advice to talk to my boss and let him know I'm pregnant and that I'm concerned about the safety where I work. I did that and he seemed very supportive and promised he would make sure safety was taken care of. However, since it seems nothing has changed.
See, I work in a laboratory (I work in the office portion, not the lab) in an old building. I smell chemicals all the time b/c of poor ventilation. The scientists (educated people that should know better) also seem to be very careless. For example, they go into the company kitchen with their labcoats on, potential contaminating any food and fail to follow simple lab safety procedures. I have discussed this with the person in charge of safety several times and he has been somewhat helpful, but not nearly enough to reassure me. I think everyone thinks I'm overreacting.
My dr. has told me that if I discuss this with employer and things do not change, I should consider quitting. I would do this in a heartbeat if I knew I could live on no salary and no health insurance. I've considered going on my DH's insurance, but it would be extremely expensive b/c of out-of-network costs and I love my dr. and do not want to change again. I feel so guilty knowing where I work could harm my baby and so powerless to do anything about it. Mainly, I posted about this b/c I need to vent, but if anyone has some advice on this, I could really use it b/c I'm am so stressed out. I'm at my desk crying as I type.

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