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Re: What Exactly is Stenosis?

I am in Canada and our Health Care system is 'supposed' to be all publicly funded. With gov't spending on healthcare shrinking every year, the surgeons have less and less operating time available, and less and less hospital beds are available. "Universal Health Care" is a basic tennant of our health care system. Lately there have been private user pay clinics that offer surgical procedures, but the gov't puts a very tight clamp on what procedures they can offer. This is to avoid having those with money get access to health care faster than those without. This creates a 'two tier' system, and our latest federal election, the opposition's main campaign was to eliminate two tier health care. Needless to say, they lost miserably in the election and the opposition leader lost his bid to stay as opposition leader, the party kicked him out.

Anyways, spinal decompression is the only procedure permitted in the private system, whereas spinal decompression and fusion is performed in our gov't funded hospitals. I assume that it is a way too complicated procedure not to have done in a hospital.

So, a private clinic's neurosurgeon can only offer the first part and can do it basically now, and the gov't funded hospital neurosurgeon can do both, but not anytime this year and a "we'll see when next year" answer, through no fault of the neurosurgeon himself. I fully understand his position.

Recently changed pain meds to emtech-30, basically a Tylenol3 with Codeine. She got a violent reaction to hydromorphone last week and did not eat or drink for two days straight and her BP shot up to 165/101. It took a full week to recover from the side effects of hydromorphone. Don't know what this emtech will do. Still sounds kinda powerfull and full of side effects, too. Was told to take a Zantac with the emtech. <IMG SRC="">

thanks for your support, Davey, I think I will have to lean on your support from time to time. Care giving, I think, is the easy part. Living with the pain is something no human should endure, especially when it is prolonged by gov't cutbacks. She is looking for the same procedure as you have had. spinal decompression and a fusion from bone from the iliac crest with metal plates and screws. thanks TC