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Question's about testosterone levels.......

I have a few questions about testosterone levels maybe someone can help me with. I am 26 and have had labido problems for the last 5 years(no problems with the equipment, just general lack of interest) I finally mustered up the courage to talk to a doctor about it 2 months ago. Turns out, they tested my blood for testosterone and it was low(178). She prescribed Androgel for me to take. I took it for about a month and then came back to check the blood levels again. Good news!!! It is up to 480!! Big change huh? I can tell a HUGE difference in my sex drive after being on it for a month.
I am now off of it again(3 weeks) and can tell you that without a doubt, that this stuff makes a big difference. The reason i've been off for 3 weeks is because my primary care dr. set me up to see a urologist(sp?) Anyway, I saw him and he asked that we do another test after being off for 3 weeks. So, tomorrow I go to have my blood tested again. This is where my question comes in.

Let's say it's back down to 178 again.....what then? Do I have to take this stuff forever? The only other problem I have is an elevated ALT in my liver(which by the way, the doctors can't figure out, I don't have hepititus or anything wrong with my liver that they can find) I'm not taking any other medication right now.....

Any thoughts?

Also, on a side note, I've done heavy free weight work-outs before and had really good gains.(no steroids or any type of supplements other than protein powders) With this additional testosterone in my body, should I see really good gains if I start back lifting? I guess a better question is what is the normal testosterone level for a male my age?

Sorry this is so longs....just looking for some answers............

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