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Re: Question's about testosterone levels.......

The hair growth is caused by your increased testosterone, it often means you are taking too much, and your doctor should know that, hmmmm.

The weight gain (you had it for 5 years, the weight loss now is only on account of changing things), irritible and fatigue are not normal and are signs of something wrong. People don't have fatigue from their life style, instead they have fatigue and so adopt a fatigue related lifestyle. When you are feeling tired all the time, its no fun to go out and look for things to do.

On the brain tumor thing, it took 10 years to find mine, so 5 years is not so long as you think.

Your doctor needs to find out WHY you have low testosterone and you must insist on it. It is probably not serious, but sometimes it is (heart disease, diabetes, tumors to name a few). I would have blood tests for prolactin, TSH, IGF-1, cortisol, LH, FSH, sugar and testosterone. If you have elevated prolactin, then you suspect the brain tumor thing. If you have high FSH and LH then you suspect primary testicle failure (you have to stop your testosterone gel for a few weeks before testing FSH and LH). If you have low thyroid or cortisol then you look for autoimmune disease, if IGF-1 is low/high then you suspect other pituitary problems. If your sugar is high, then you suspect diabetes. Remember the range of these hormones is very wide, but, if you are not near the middle, then you need to keep an eye on things and repeat the tests in a year to see if things are getting worse.