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Re: Sinus surgery packing and other scares

I can't answer all your questions, but I'll see what I can do.

I had sinus and nasal surgery on April 21, 2009 when I was 57 years old. The packing was removed three days later on April 24. Two weeks after surgery, I was given permission to blow my nose and to mow our bumpy lawn with a riding mower. I had to wear a mask when mowing and rinse my nose with salt water as soon as I finished mowing.

Is sinus packing terribly painful??
The packing itself was not painful. Removing it really hurt, but my doctor yanked it out fast, so it only hurt for a couple of seconds.

Can you be put to sleep for the removal of it?
I doubt it. The pain didn't last long...a few seconds at most. You can always ask your doctor, though.

How long does it normally stay in?
Mine was in for 3 days.

How long till i can get back to working with horses again and get back to normal activities and exercising??
As I said earlier, I was allowed to mow after two weeks as long as I wore a mask and rinsed my nose afterward. Ask your doctor and follow his advice.

I have asthma and i have attacks if i can only breathe through my mouth or nose alone, so what do i do if i can only breathe through my mouth??
My surgeon placed little tubes through my packing. I didn't know he was going to do this. I discovered it when I woke up after surgery. I was given a catheter and syringe to run water through the tubes occasionally to help keep them clear. Ask your doctor if he places tubes through the packing. Be sure to tell him about your asthma attacks and ask what to do if it happens.

Rate the pain from 1-10 and how did you handle the pain...
I didn't really have any pain to speak of, so I guess I'd rate it at no more than a 1. My doctor said I would have a headache, but I didn't. He prescribed the narcotic pain killer, Norco. I took them a few times to try to stay ahead of any pain, but I don't think I would have needed them. I only took a total of around 5 to 8 pills, mostly at bedtime because I discovered they knocked me out. By the way...I slept in a recliner instead of in bed.

At my post-op visits, his assistant would spray some numbing stuff in my nose and the ENT would suction junk out of it. It didn't numb it completely, and there was some pain involved, but as soon as he quit, the pain was gone. Try not to worry about it. Easier said than done, I know. But, really, you'll be fine.

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