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I need some advise please...

Hello im 23 yrs old and im realising that i have an anger problem, but im not sure. I took a quiz online to see if i needed help or not and my results were ¨you need help soon!!¨... I really didnt think i had any kind of anger problem but i been noticing that lately i have been getting mad with my partner for any little thing. We have been together for 8 yrs off and on. we brokeup 2 yrs ago cause all we did was argued. Now we are trying to work things out but im always getting angry at him. Theres been a few times that i have gotten so angry that im at a braking point, i cant control myself and all i want to do is realese my anger by hitting him, since we had gotten back together i havent touched him until yesterday, I slapt him! but everytime we have argued i feel like im trying so hard to not let my hand loose. i dont know how it happen yesterday casue is something i cant explain, it just happen and later i regret it!

Most of the times when i get angry i like to throw things, i dont know why that is, but what ever is next to me is going directly to the person im mad.. but is weird because is just with my partner that i get angry and get to this point. this is so weird, im a very calm girl, never had a fight in school, defetnely not a trouble maker, im a very friendly and nice person but when im anger with my partner i turn into someone else, i cant even sleep cause im so angry and i keep repeting in my head what ever it is that made me mad or something he said while arguing, which makes me even more mad, but i cant control not thinkin about it and letting it get to me.

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