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Re: I need some advise please...

Yes, I do get mad most of the times when things dont go my way. I cant help it. He tells me that im controlive and like things my way, but im always saying that this isnt true and i even believe it myself that this isnt tru,. But to be honest his right. like for example, If we planned to go somewhere thurs and im really excited about it and we end up not going cause he change his mind, oh boi, yes this gets me in a very bad mood. But this problem is just with him, another thing is that he has a very strong charecter too! but the diference is, he controls himself and tries to control me but it doesnt work. I just keep arguing n arguing and cry, Oh my god! I cry a lot! i dnt know if is a way of realesing anger or just hurt, cause i feel hurt when we argued. I cant find answer to was has been going on to me lately, i argued for insignificant things and later sometimes regret it. Is like anger mix with emotions, cause im such a emotional person, i cry about anything, something that he might say to me and it makes me feel hurt and all i do is cry.