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I can't live like this anymore (Desperate for help)

I have absolutely no idea what it is, and neither do my doctor(s)
Name a test, I have done it with 0 results. (Including colonoscopy)
I feel like I am constantly constipated, and I personally believe I am. (One test said I had no bowel in me) (Another said I was extremely constipated)
My stomach feels extremely bloated all the time, which creates a very uncomfortable feeling all day, and all night, but when I go to the bathroom (Rarely) I feel 100% better.
I've been having this problem since I was around 13-15 years old. (Am now 20 years of age)
I always just "lived with it" and it became a natural way to feel to me over the years that went by.
But I realized this is interfering with my entire life, I rarely want to go out with friends, I don't want to do anything except for sit at home. (I'm not lazy, I take an extreme amount of classes in college at the moment)
Last night before I was going to sleep I decided to register on this forum and post this today.
The feeling is constant, and my psychologist prescribed me Adderall XR (30 MG) and Adderall (15 MG instant release) due to my anxiety issues. (ADHD to)
For the first few months on this medication, I felt great (well duh it's amphetamines right?)
Well while I was taking Adderall I was able to go to the bathroom in the morning without any issues, and it must have somehow been counteracting whatever seems to be "clogging me up."
I've even looked into how it could be a psychological issue, considering the Adderall I am taking would put me in a great mood, I was able to completely do whatever I wanted (I would usually get nervous talking to strangers, or people I don't know very well) no anxiety issues, was focusing in school extremely well etc.
I guess now that I'm developing an immunity to the Adderall, I am having problems once again. (Example: Was reading in class and I felt very hot, and I started shaking and my heart started beating real fast)
This morning, and last night were some of the most painful and bloated feelings I've ever had thus far. Luckily I took a laxative the night before, or I doubt I would have been able to go to the bathroom today, and I'd probably be extremely depressed and in pain.
I've tried a variety of diets, which have had no effect what so ever.

I've been living with this for to long, and my doctor has basically given up after all of the test results indicate I'm perfectly healthy.
I'm only 20 years old, I have a beautiful girlfriend, I take alot of classes and am doing very well, but I feel I could be doing so much more.

I really appreciate any advice you could possibly give to me, shedding some light will do a great deal for me.
Thanks to anyone repliers in advance, greatly appreciated.

Edit: Also, occassionaly when I wipe there is blood, mostly fresh bright red, but sometimes dark, I've done stool samples, and I'm guessing and have been told this is H-roids. (But they go away, and then come back)
I'm just sick of all this, it's really starting to interfere with my life now that I'm older.
It also seems like my doctor is out of ideas, and he's supposed to be one of the best in the state! No doctor will admit "I don't know"

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