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Re: sick of sex

Please don't be angry and disgusted about how guys feel about sex. We are what we are and we can not change it. As a 46 year old guy, I have to confess that sex for me has always been in my penis. When I first get excited, it starts in my penis and the feeling grows there and ends there too. It's a truely wonder feeling, beyond any words to describe and a feeling that I want to repeat over and over again. I don't think that women have the same rapid intense focussed feeling that can sweep over a guy in a matter of seconds. We are different you and I, and that is the way nature intended.

As I slowly became completely impotent with zero libido (due to a brain tumor) I can tell you that my world was destroyed. I can not describe to you how terrible it was to have that happen, how empty my life became, despite having a loving beautiful wife and a warm lovely baby.

When I was finally diagnosed and given back my sexuality, I realized how important sex is and how sex was so centered in my penis. I also discovered that without testosterone, a guy can be hurt and cry very easily, I spent many night crying for no apparent reason.

It sounds selfish and so penis based. But that is the way it is for me and I guess lots of other guys. So take joy in the pleasure you can give to a man for he loves you all the more for it. And take pity on him because he his first real love was his penis and it remains his first love even as he takes vows to love you too.

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