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Re: sick of sex

Hi all,

I just wanted to mention that just because guys don't tend to attach physical and emotional relations together, doesn't mean we don't want the emotional part. Ofcourse I can only speak for myself, but as a guy I think of sex as just physical enjoyment and love as the emotional bond between two people and I don't attach them to each other. It doesn't mean I don't want love and marriage. I care far more about the emotional part than the physical but I can't remember the last time (if ever) that I wanted to talk about relationships. I can name a dozen times just in the last week, when I talked about sex yet sex is far less important than the bigger things like love.

Sherrie, if you're worried that guys just care about sex and nothing more, trust me its not true. Its true that sex is on guys' minds alot because we are made that way but we (most) care about all aspects of a relationship.

Besides, this is a Sexual Health Board right? So its only natural to talk about what the forum is about.

Also kista mentioned something about it being impossible to stick to one person. This is actually a pretty debatable topic because the only animals in nature to be monogamous are pigeons. Is it in our nature to be monogamous or are we forcing ourselves into it? That can be a pretty debatable topic. I personally think we are supposed to be monogamous but you never know. Anyways, I'm going off topic here.

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