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Re: sick of sex

quote: This is actually a pretty debatable topic because the only animals in nature to be monogamous are pigeons. Is it in our nature to be monogamous or are we forcing ourselves into it?

Oooh, good point, Lightning. In the animal kingdom, the typical role of a strong, healthy male is to impregnate as many females as possible. Allegedly, there are several monogamous species, Canadian Geese included, but overall, it is rare.
Women face a similar situation. My theory is that girls are meant to bear children at a much younger age than our society would have us believe. Think about it. There is a great sexual surge at around 14-15 yrs old, (even sometimes younger) where the girls are going thru puberty. Left to our own instincts, this is where many pregnancies would occur. As a society, we run a massive campaign to make people fight this and wait another 4 or 5 years.
Go to any teenage dance or get-together. The hormones fill the air like a dense fog.

What do you think?