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Embaressing Penis Erection Question

Thanks in advance to all those who respond. I have been unable to find the answeres to these questions and am really happy that i have found this message board. Please let me know if my question is stupid and i have no need to worry. I am 16 years and have little experience when it comes to theses things.
1- I always assumed that when the penis is erect it should be paralell to the floor but when mine is erect it points more to the ceiling than the floor. Its not pointing straight up. I would say it points upwards with an angle between 45 and 55 degrees. The penis does NOT curve to this angle it just naturally points in that directions. It has a slight curve upwards but i have found that this is normali and not the problme that i need help with. I am able to push it all the way upwards so it is touching my stomach. It is when i push it downwards that i have have problems. I am able to push it donwards so it is about paralell to the florr but am able to push it no farther than that without experience resistince and a little pain. I always assumed that the penis would be more manuverable when erect because i dont thikn the current setup i have now would be very feesable when i become sexually active. If you need me to clarify the problem just post and let me know.

Please feel free to let me know if i am totally over reacting when it comes to this. As i said earliar i am pretty inexperienced, have not watched a lot of porn and have been afraid to ask my parents or DR these questions because i am an extremely shy teenager. I just want to know if this is normal or is a problme that i need adressed because it is making me hesitent in doing things with girls that involve the penis.

Thanks again in advance...i have found that from reading all of the otherposts that people here are quite knowlageable.

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