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Re: Embaressing Penis Erection Question

First...You're totally over-reacting to your erection. Every penis differs in what direction, angle or curve it has. Mine is slightly angled upward with a downward curve. Trust me - no matter what direction your unit's pointing you'll be able to have sex. I personally believe that every man's penis should point upward toward your navel with the head slightly curving upward toward your stomach. I think, in my case, I tuck my dick down, between my balls, in my tighty whities and after years of the downward direction my unit curves down. Crazy but I belive true. As for your upward friend, remember when the time comes and you're laing on top of your partner, your "friend" will be pointing right where it needs to be without having to reach down, grasp hold and redirect to accomodate the right position. Don't worry about it. Relax and enjoy.