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Re: Kinda worried, about precum please help!

First off, there was nothing strange about your tasting your precum, as most guys apparently do taste not only their precum (if they have it) as well as their "***"/semen. As for the possibility of your impregnating your girlfriend by transferring sperm by way of your fingers, 15 minutes after you licked the precum from them, and dried the rest of it off them ---that's extremely unlikely--virtually impossible. You're smart to be so concerned, though.
Incidentally, it's a little strange that your precum should have a "disgusting" taste to both you and your girlfriend. Although semen can have a strong and bitter taste, precum usually has very little taste, other than maybe a slight saltiness. You didn't mention what your girlfriend's reaction to your actual semen is, if you ejaculate in her mouth---I would think that your semen would have an even stronger taste than your lube fluid. But in any case, the taste of your seminal fluids--precum and semen--is nothing to be concerned about. <p>[This message has been edited by HB_SXPatrol (edited 02-05-2002).]