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Re: Sinus surgery packing and other scares

Originally Posted by Frenzied View Post
I am 7 weeks post op from having a septoplasty, inferior turbinate submucous resection( bilateral) bilateral resection of middle turbinates for concha bullosa, bilateral maxillary antrostomies, and a functional rhinoplasty to correct nasal valve collapse on both sides from a saddle nose deformity.
With the rhinoplasty, my nasal bones were rasped, and I have spreader grafts on both sides, alar batten grafts and a columellar strut. I had both an ENT and a plastic surgeon perform my surgery, which was a 6 hour surgery.

My issues were impaired breathing and chronic sinusitis - I had a sinus infection all the time. The pressure and headaches wore me down.

Now, to answer your questions.

I did not have packing, but had two silicone splints sutured to my septum. They stayed in for a week before he pulled them out. It did not hurt, just a weird sensation when they did come. Some Dr.s do packing, others do not. Be sure to ask your surgeon if he routinely does packing or not.
I had a thermoplastic splint on the outside for the rhinoplasty.

Coming out of anesthesia was not fun, but I had phenergan from the get-go and took phenergan everytime I took the vicodin to keep me from throwing up for about the first 4-5 days post-op.

The first two days are not bad, you will be sleeping a lot from the anesthesia. The next 3-4 days after that were not fun and sleeping was difficult. Mainly because I REALLY couldn't breathe much through my nose. Once the splints came off and out, it got a bit better, but things swelled up again to fill in the space and they have gradually been healing . Pain is NOT bad and will be gone in a few days after surgery, then it will just be mildly uncomfortable. Stay on top of the pain, use lots of saline, and then when you get the go ahead, start doing sinus rinses with a squeeze bottle or netti pot. Those help a lot. If things dry out, it isn't fun and the nasal cavity will feel tight.

Exercise- depends on how much surgery you have done, your age, and general health. They usually say around 3 weeks you can start exercising, it just depends on what you had done.

I had a ton of surgery, and I am 37. I'm not old, but I am also not super young either and bounce back quickly. I tried working out at 4 weeks post op. - just getting back into it. It wiped me out and the next day I slept for 13 hours. Week 5 I worked out once or twice, taking it easy, but still wasn't feeling my old self.

For me, it was just this past few days at 6 1/2 weeks that I feel some normalcy and can work out a few days in a row and not need an entire day to recover.

The sinuses take anywhere from 8-12 weeks to resume normal functioning. It is a gradual, day-by-day that they get feeling better. Just know that it is NOT cure all. You are looking for improvement and not perfection. Things don't get better instantly.

If you trust your surgeon and have good communication, things should work out well.

Everyone heals differently.

Thanks for answering! It sounds like you had a ton of stuff done and since it was a 6 hour surgery... all i can say is WOW. Oh and i was wondering... how long did you have to stay in the hospital?? And did it give you the feeling of suffucating when you couldn't breathe through your nose?? Im afraid it could bring on an asthma attack for me, as if i have to breathe through my mouth or nose alone i dont get enough air with my asthma. Thanks again!

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