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Re: Sinus surgery packing and other scares

My surgery was done at an ambulatory surgery center. I checked in at 6:30 a.m., paperwork everything signed. IV put in. Was in the O.R. by 7:30 and the surgery went until 1:30. Came out of anesthesia at around 2:30 or so and was able to go home by 4:30, where I went right to bed and slept and slept and slept! Kept the room dark, had fans going and head propped up on 3 pillows. My husband came in about every 4 hours to feed me some vicodin,phenergan and Keflex ( antibiotic). I drank tons of slushy/ icee type of drinks and mashed potatoes seemed to help.

As for the not breathing through the nose, I had severely impaired breathing to begin with, so it wasn't too bad while I was sleeping. There were a few days that weren't too much fun. You might ask your Dr. about giving you something to sleep or keep relaxed like xanax, if you are worried about a panic or anxiety attack.

Whatever you think the surgery is going to be like, it is usually not what you think. I had it all in my mind what recovery was going to be like, and it wasn't quite what I thought, some things were harder, other things not so bad.