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Red face Can't Reach Orgasm. PLEASE help!

First time poster here. I'm not really sure how to put everything I want to say so I apologize ahead of time for all the incoherent rambling this will probably seem like and for all the...details. I appreciate any input. Thanks!

I don't know what's wrong but I have never been able to reach orgasm. Whenever someone else or myself plays with my clitoris I get really close but can never actually get off. When I'm having sex though, I never even come close. I mean I really enjoy sex and it's still pleasurable for me but I just don't come close.

Only one time did I come close and it was with a guy who I had been having sex with for awhile. We weren't together. It was more than friends with benefits but we weren't actually committed because we were both scared to be I think (which I do not recommend, it just ends up badly).

Anyway, I think we both started to feel something for each other..well more than something.. and I came close.

So really what I'm trying to say is that in order for me to reach orgasm would I have to feel strongly about someone. I know everyone is different in how they are able to reach orgasm so I'm wondering if this is how it has to be for me. I'm hoping because It would be nice to reach an orgasm for once.

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