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Buccal Mucosa Graft Surgery (forming Scabs/ Meatus)

I have recently had a 1 stage Buccal Mucosa Graft Surgery. It was with circumcision, to deal with a stricture at the top end of the penis. I was diagnosed with BXO.
I am now nearly two months after the operation which I had at the University College Hospital London, under Professor Mundy's Practice. It was an overnight stay at the hospital and had to have a catheter in for two weeks after. It was mostly painful in the mouth than anywhere else. That side of everything went fairly smoothly.
My main issue is now that the catheter is out, scabs have been forming around the meatus (pee hole). After a while they fall off in the shower but are then replaced soon after. I do not know if this is normal or not. It only seems to be on the outside of the gland not in the the urethra itself. I do not have any problems with urinating and it does not hurt to pee. The flow seems to be pretty good too.
There is also one of the stitches that every now and then has a little bit of blood around it. it may have happened three times in total. I am wondering if this is because of erections at night. It is literally only a spot of blood now and again.
Are these issues normals after nearly two months since the operation and one month since the catheter was taken out.
I have not engaged in sex since before the operation which is fine as my wife is pregnant, but not really even sure when that can start again. These doctors are so clever and to be respected for what they do but they sometimes don't give the information you need. Can anyone Help??


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