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Re: Problems after Gastic Bypass Roux-En-Y?

Originally Posted by seeking life View Post

One last thing. One person brought up mental health. This is probablly the MOST IMPORTANT part of having this surgery that is not giving enough attention. If you are seeking Weight Loss Surgery, start seeing a psychologist and continue after the surgery. There are various reason why people have weight issue and majority of the people who have WLS have emotional issues and a tie to food as their comfort. There is a high instance of transfer addtion in WLS community. You will not have the same ability to comfort yourself with food, or you may fall back into the pattern and gain weight. WLS is a lifestyle change and I mean on ALL aspects of your life. Personanly it took 7 years to come to the decision to have this surgery and when I had it, I was mentally prepared.
Thank you!!! I was in a program for surgery and the one issue they DID NOT want to address was the mental health aspects. My goal toward having the surgery was to be mentally ready for the change that was going to happen. Their emphasis was ONLY the number on the scale. Yes, they would refer me to a doctor outside of the program if I needed to talk to someone but they did not want it to be addressed inside of the program.

I had really worked toward the mental process of being ready. I went to a hypnotist who helped me greatly. Then, because I had not lost 20% of needed weight loss, they canceled on me. I was so ready and then NO! They actually rather bragged that their success is because they will not operate on people who are not able to lose that 10% prior to surgery. Cut out the ones who are at risk of not succeeding. (By the way, I was 2 pounds short of my 10% and would have lost approximately 7 to 11 pounds during the 2 week pre-surgery diet.) I decided that their program, their way of viewing overweight as being about foodin/foodout only did not work for me so I lost a ton of money and walked away. I'm finding practices who feel the way I do, that it's as important to be mentally ready as physically ready but they are all out of my state. So I'm biding my time.

And, as an FYI, I am now down about 35 pounds ( way over the 10% ) from the day I missed surgery by 2 pounds. Some days I want to go to the office and just make the doctor look at the number on the scale! Any fat person can diet weight off for the short term. Keeping it off is the nightmare and yet these people don't seem to know that yet.

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