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Re: stress attack?

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lazydaisy? How old are you? Are you in menopause? Is it possible it could have been a seizure because your BP was so low? What about diabetes? Have you been checked for that? If your sugars get too low you could have a seizure. It's also cold and flu season. Could it be a virus?
Thanks for the reply - I am 57 and had a hysterectomy 29 years ago.
My Bp is normally ok - i do take bp rx but it is under control - I do not have diabetes and do have an auto immunedisorder. I have crohns which I take rx for. I have been under alot of stress but I sure hate to even say that because so many people just say it's stress!! I'm still not on my feet again and still feel cruddy - dr wants me to have a head ct scan tomorrow but I doubt the reason for that. Just really confused.