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Chronic fatigue and extreme thirst

I've had chronic fatigue for 3 months about. I know my immune system is low.
I've also recently been diagnosed with hypoglycaemia and now on a no sugar diet.
The worst unexplained symptom is that I also have got constant and terrible thirst. I don't know what to do about it. I drink pints and pints of water and it only satisfies me for a short time - ie up to about 45 mins before I have to drink more. I'm not gulping it down, I'm sipping it. I make 3 drinks at a time to save me getting up in the middle of a tv program!
It really correlates with the fatigue also - the more thirsty I am the more tired I am, and I feel hot and achy. The thirst even wakes me at night...........
Any ideas or help please let me know - I feel so dehydrated yet I can't be.
Many thanks

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