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Re: Chronic fatigue and extreme thirst

Hey Themartinfarm,

Thanks for the reply. Your comment about carrying around so much water made me laugh - I am the same!!

I have been tested for diabetes and I don't have it - it turns out I have hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) which my doctor explained is the opposite.

I do avoid wheat now and have been tested for celiac disease, but it was negative. I do eat a lot of oats but these don't contain gluten I didn't think? I do avoid wheat, barley and rye because they all cause me problems. I don't know what else I eat that contains gluten but I will find out and avoid it - I've never excluded this. You also made me think about other intolerances - I avoid fruit due to a fructose intolerance and I know this increases my thirst. I am eating some fruit these days to try to have a healthier diet. That the thirst could be caused by gluten or something else in my diet isn't something I'd considered and I will investigate further.
Thanks very much.