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Thought broadcasting - A sure sign?

I had believed I had suffered from simple anxiety my entire life. But as a young child, I began being socially widthdrawn and started saying strange things. My best friend remembers very well how I had spoken the words "What gender are your dogs" as a first greeting when i was a young teen. During that time of my life, I genuinely believed people were hearing my thoughts. Everyone could hear it, everyone. They could interpret it into their mind and hear my thoughts. Like it was me speaking with my mind. I had an issue later on in life, after those symptoms dissapeared where i was horribly catatonic, and still to this day i feel i must fake facial expressions simply for fear of seeming strange. I used to be paranoid about people looking at me through windows, and would lock my door three times in succession before sleeping. I feel people will tell everyone my secrets, some that aren't even serious. I have no motivation to do anything, as i try to do something simple such as bathe or wash dishes I think "What is the point, what does it matter?" and get distracted by my own thoughts or impulses. I am quite charismatic in person, but I am so paranoid about what people are doing behind my back. I argue with myself about being crazy, and space out for hours daydreaming. Life doesn't feel real. I'm so confused.

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