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Re: Shortness of breath, and chest pain!

hiya, 29 years old female here with pretty much the same symptoms. i had 3 months constant checkups in various hospitals. started with strong flu a year ago which developed the constant cough. got plenty of antibiotics (this was at winter) and it got better for the summer, coughing stopped, although i always coughrd up some phlegm in the mornings. there was always a weird chest-tightness present in my lungs. only ct scan was abnormal, all other results were okay, including lung biopsy- they will probably do this for you. i also had a swollen plum size lymph, which they again removed for samples, but found nothing useful- long-term infection, i was told...
if sll fails, i`d suggest you to go to immunology and maybe infectology.
at immunology they can examine your body in more detail- they found some B and T cell deficiency at mine, but i didnt carry out the search all the way long. it was tough and i felt a bit weak, but i had to leave my country to return to my city to secure my job, after they kept it for 3 months for me!
done my research on internet and i found that there could be a problem with my THYMUS dur to contant chest pressure/pain and a feeling of something is pushing my heart(?) from behind and the sides...

i didnt have ekg which i regret, but back then nobody suggested it to me!
I did have 2 cat scans in 3 months though, and after the 3rd months, the second showed tiny improvement 1-2 mms on the biggest 8-10mms lung patterns.

hope you get better and let me know your progress or if its the thymus or anything else!


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