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Re: Thought broadcasting - A sure sign?

With the exception of thought broadcasting, I was pretty much the EXACT same way.

"I argue with myself about being crazy, and space out for hours daydreaming."

I would spend hours each day alternating between arguing with myself about whether I really need help, and the rest was spent basically living in an alternate world with no connection to reality. This continued even after my diagnosis............until the anti-psychotic "hit".

I woke up one morning and all I heard was silence, no voices arguing about me and my sanity, no alternate universe, no walking into a room with people and feeling like everyone was staring at me with disgust on their faces. Just sweet silence. I looked around for a little after that and cleaned my house and broke out an old guitar and jammed for a little.

Go make an appointment with your doctor now and tell him everything you wrote to us, print it out and show it to him if you need to. I made the mistake of trying to "live with it" too and I have wasted years to show for it, there is a better alternative. Keep us updated man