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TMJ and Sinus Relation?


I have been in splint therapy for about 7 weeks now and so far have had great results up until about 1 week ago! I have suffered from bad tension headaches since getting TMJ but they have gotten 80% better since getting my neuro splint. However I have had sinus problems since getting getting TMJ that have not really, that have gotten better since having the splint but in the last week my sinus pressure is back and sso is some of the muscle tension in my face. I can feel that my splint is a bit raised on one side and am going to get it fixed tommorow, coukld this be the problem?? Do people with TMJ have Sinus problems, if so what are they? and is it common? Mine is just pressure in my nose and tingling on the bridge of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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