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Re: Shortness of breath, and chest pain!

Thank you very much for your feedback, but the weird thing about this is I never had a cold or the flu or anything that could have brought this on I just laid down in bed one night and all of a sudden it felt like I had a brick sitting on my chest and just kept getting worse from there.

What did they do for a biopsy on you?? that is one thing that I'm absolutely terrified about. I'm ok with needles but, putting one into my chest is another story. lol

have you talked to a doctor about the thymus or just read up on it?
I have read up on it as well as briefly spoke with my doctor about it, my doctor is soooo set on the fact that this is anxiety even though nothing is working to help treat it that he wont even consider anything else.(that is why im so excited to go see this lung specialist)

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