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Re: TMJ and Sinus Relation?

TMJ dysfunction is not solely a problem within the TMJ joint. It's a dysfunction of the whole cranium and neck, which can result in headaches and facial pain. Cranial Osteopaths or Cranial sacral therapists help to realign cranial bones, and to improve movement in cranial bones which become locked up. It's well worth trying one of these in combination with a splint, and should help with your sinus pain. I prefer to see a cranial osteopath as they do the same thing as cranial sacral therapists, but they are also trained in osteopathy so have better knowledge of anatomy. The Cranial Osteopaths which I have seen all do things a bit differently, so some are much better than others. So if you try one and it doesn’t do much to help your symptoms, it’s worth trying another one, rather than giving up with Cranial Osteopathy altogether. Their treatment is very gentle and doesn’t seem like very much that could possibly make any difference. I thought when I first went to one, how could they possibly make any difference, but I have felt better for going so it must be doing something.