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Re: High WBC, low platelets & itching 24/7

Thanks for your reply. I did have thyroid levels checked. Everything was fine. The only things that were abnormal were my WBC, which had high concentrations of neutrophils & monocytes, and immature granulocytes were a little higher than the norm. Shouldn't be more than .05...mine was .07. Doc didn't seem all to concerned with any of it. The itching has since subsided for the most part & now only comes and goes but I'm just SO tired all the time. I can't stand it!

Looking over past test results, my WBC is always elevated quite a bit. The doc mentioned that it was odd, but didn't know why. Also urea nigtrogen is consistently quite low. I have no idea if that means anything. I read that low BUN levels are usually insignificant but can mean liver problems. Since mine is slightly enlarged & I have a hematoma maybe it's related? I dunno. I'm really thinking I should ask for a referral to a rheumatologist to delve deeper into the possibility of something autoimmune. I do have fibromyalgia & psoriasis, so I'm a walking autoimmune disorder as it is!

I'm just frustrated because I feel AWFUL!!!!