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Re: kidney cancer stages IV ?

Hi grayfox

Thank you so much for replying. Things have been very chaotic lately..

My father had kidney cancer in Feb 2008, stage 4. It was said to be contained to just the kidney, so they removed his left kidney. He would get blood work rountinely and only ONE CT scan of his body in May of 08'.. NEVER another one and never had an oncologist. They said it was not necessary because it was all contained to just the kidney.

Well now, a few weeks ago after an appt with his PCP, my father received a letter saying he has to follow up with the Urologist who did the kidney removal because it's 'been awhile'.. The Urologist sent him for a CT Scan and a 5cm tumor showed up on his left lung.. so the plan was to remove the lower left lobe (where the tumor is) and then go from there.. HOWEVER, now he ended up in the ER with really bad pain around/above his knee and they did a bone scan because they thought his knee was fracutred and it shows a tumor there as well. They think it might be from the cancer on his lung or from renal cells. Now everything is on hold until they biopsy the tumor on his bone for cancer in the bone.

The DR who is supposed to do the lung surgery was shocked that he had stage 4 kidney cancer and no follow up treatment (aside from blood work).

so this is why i ask, if it possible to be a stage 4 and have it contained. So now he has cancer on his lung and "a suspicious lesion' on the bone of his leg. They are more worried about wha'ts going on in his leg now than anything else.. if it's cancer that metastized from the kidney cells or from his lung, if it's cancer on his lung.