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Re: TMJ and Sinus Relation?

Hi Jeff.....I am still in phase seems as my recovery is taking longer than usual do to upper cervical issues that I've had probably since I was very young. (I'm 38). We recently had to add acrylic to my give me more vertical since it was wearing down too fast...and I am still in PT to strengthen my upper body. I needed to buy myself some more time with the orthodic. I am still in CranioSacral therapy...and A/O chiro. every other week. I have started learning strengthening exercises from a rehabilitative Pilates instructor near me...and it is amazing how little I did know about my muscles, and actually how much I was using the wrong ones to do everything. Usually, in tMD cases you over use the neck muscles like the scalines...and SCM's. I need to retrain my brain, and body to use the correct ones...and strengthen them slowly. I am at about a 4 daily in my pain level...from 1 to 10. I am looking forward to the day when my upper body is strong...and I can move on to phase 2 which will be expansion of my upper and lower jaws...and possibly functional braces. I now just need to win the lotto to pay for all of this. My daughter is also in it's a double whammy for us.