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Re: Finger joints on one hand feel bruised but look ok

Thanks Kate and others for sharing. I had just about forgotten about this post, but luckily stumbled upon it again after all this time. It's been a bit over a year now, and here is the update..
My left hand is still pain free and my right still hurts. Specifically, not the hand but the fingers of the right hand (all but the thumb, which is good as new so far). The pain has calmed down a bit, but the lack of motion remains and I cannot close a tight fist anymore. The affected joints are the joints of the fingers closest to the knuckles and they do look a tiny bit swollen and noticeably red in color as seen from the top/nails side of the hand. Everything looks normal from the palm side and absolutely no other joints of the hand are affected.
Apparently, I cannot blame the rockband drumming completely, since I have also developed a similar pain in the joints of the ball of my left foot (about an inch away from the base of the toes). Walking hurts but is ok, and I've been getting rid of harder shoes and buying softer, more cushioned footwear lately.
I've been on 15mg/day of meloxicam for months now and if forget to take it for a day or two, the slightly increased redness and pain remind me to take my pills again, so I guess it helps. Nothing incredible though, but surely better than nothing.
At this point I have seen several doctors and have done blood work, x-rays, and lately an MRI of my hand and spine (I guess a doctor had some theory that needed to look at my spine). Everything has come out clean and left the doctors guessing at different theories.
Not sure what else to do right now, other than try not to worry about getting pain in even more joints.. but that's a bit kinda like concentrating on NOT thinking of pink elephants.
Anybody else have symptoms like this? Anybody have any ideas? Thanks again everyone.

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