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What is going on?

Around Labor Day this year I started having very frequent diarrhea and figured I had caught a bug of some sort. Then on Sept. 28th I had the worst pain where I nearly passed out and threw up from it, turned out to be my period. I had a normal period. As soon as I was done with my week long period I noticed I was very bloated frequently, especially after eating. I would have a lot of gas and no appetite at all (which I LOVE my food). After a week I got on the scale to notice I had lost 10 pounds since I had last been on in September. Soon after I developed lower right side pain when I would sit, just above the hip bone. I grew very constipated where I would go over a week without a bowel movement, I did use a laxative once and that allowed for a bowel movement. Then almost 2 weeks ago I discovered blood on the toilet paper after a bowel movement, I figured it was due to the constipation and let it go. Then 3 more times that week I discovered blood after a bowel movement that was turning into diarrhea again. I went to the Urgent care center where they did a rectum exam and discovered I have internal and external hemmoroids. They also performed blood tests that all came back normal. Now in the past week I have grown much more light headed to the point where I nearly passed out teaching last week as well as
yesterday (I did also start my period yesterday). I have also developed numerous pin top sized dark pink/red spots all over my body with unexplained multiple bruises.
Please help me to have an idea what is going on.
Breast cancer runs in my family like wildfire and several relatives are getting the genetic testing done. I am also 26, otherwise very healthy with average weight.

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