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Re: Chronic Sinus infections.... please help!!! MRI attached

it's gotten to a point where the nasal drip is irritating my throat, causing swelling and even swelling to the point where my airway is getting blocked and I am forced to take short breaths.
This actually doesn't necessarily sound sinus related, it sounds more like complications from a type of acid reflux called LPR (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux) that can mimic the symptoms of asthma, cause post-nasal drip, and inflammation of the sinuses (and which can actually be made worse by antibiotics and other medications).

LPR is especially tricky because it doesn't cause heartburn or the other typical symptoms of acid reflux. You mention other health issues, but it's really hard to know what might be going on without knowing what those issues are.

As for the MRI image you posted, a single MRI image isn't enough to diagnose any type of sinus disease. Your septum doesn't look particularly deviated in that image, though one of your turbinates looks a bit swollen, but it's more likely that's the result of whatever is causing your other symptoms, not the cause.

You really need to see an ENT for an endoscopic exam to try to figure out if your infections are sinus related, immune related, or LPR related.

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