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Re: Sudden Hearing Loss

Hi dkubiak-five days ago I was talking to my wife on the phone when I realized her voice was cutting out on my L ear-I then switched to my R ear-and heard her perfectly. Thinking my L ear had wax in it I used a waterpick mixed with water and hydrogen peroxide to clan it-I've done this to pt's as a medical assistant and have been doing this for years to myself with great success. However this time not much wax came out and my hearing was greatly diminished. The next morning I was hoping it would get better-it didn't not only did I lose more hearing but I also got this horrible ringing in my ear(tinnitus). I went to E.R.-big mistake-they told me it was probably related to sinus and to take decongestants-I did this-no results. I then went to see my primary physician-who used one of those tuning forks on my head-I found that my good ear heard it fine-my bad ear didn't. Not understanding what that was for I did some research and he was checking me to see what part of my ear was malfunctioning-It appears to be sensoneural(inner ear). He then is referring me to an ENT. meantime me as a critical care RN went back to work-this was very difficult sense I found the ringing in my ear overwhelmed my good ear to where I couldn't hear my pt's lungs or heat-so I called my primary physician again and told him I need a stat MRI so I know if I have to get off work or not--your right-this ear problem is frightening,has given me three panic attacks and palpitations in my heart from fealing clostrophobic. The MD ordered the MRI stat and will be calling me for a date. I am assuming I have that tumor on the audio canal nerve-however I always do look for the worst in things but I do have the classic symptoms except the vertigo. I am currently taking prednisone and will try vit E but I am highly pesstimistic of it working. The way I see it is this is either viral or tumor-50/50 odds. I will keep everyone informed on my findings-personally going deaf in this L ear and get rid of this horrible tinnitus would be a dream come true-I did some research on the treatment for this tumor-and tinnitus-I think I 'd rather have a CABG.