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Re: TMJ is DEFORMING my face!

Originally Posted by MountainReader View Post
He recommended an ALF (Alternative Lightwire Functional) appliance in addition to my splint therapy. The ALF appliance is a wire that is placed against the upper palet and applies gentle pressure to help shift the cranial bones back into place. I'm hoping to begin this phase of treatment fairly soon. It can be done in conjunction with phase I and phase II. It might be worth looking into.
Thanks MountainReader. This sounds like something I should look into. Can an ALF be worn at the same time as a splint? You mention shifting the cranial bones back into place. Other than the mandible, do you know if TMJ can actually cause other cranial bones to shift, like the cheekbones? I didn't think that was possible. But I suppose it would make sense in my case. I always wondered if it was masseter and temporal muscle atrophy due to lock jaw which caused my cheekbones to pop out.

Navymid: my chin is off too. For me, it was caused by bone resorption in the left tmj. My mandible has actually shortened on that side. My specialist said that I could have orthognathic surgery in the future to lenghten it. I wish there was a less frightening and less expensive fix!

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