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Re: is this sign of autism

Originally Posted by secretsleep17 View Post
Selah, so did your child eventually lose the diagnosis? Did you ever doubt the diagnosis? My own son seemed to have a regression at around 16 months. So it makes sense to me that maybe your child didn't have any autistic traits until after age 2.

Very encouraging to hear a story about a child who is doing so well, now!
Hi. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your post, I just read your response. My 8 year old son is still considered autistic, because sometimes he needs more guidance and motivation than the average 8 year old. My oldest son is 14 months older than him and he often tends to assist his younger brother in staying focused. Thankfully though, he is well mannered and seems to be content in most situations- laid back sort of. Whatever assignments are given him in school or at home, he does it to completion, when supervised, so I believe that when he is an adult, God willing, he will be able to train in a profession and hold a job. I basically try to encourage all three of my children to be team players and work together and understand that we all have strengths and weaknesses and everyone is unique. I know that they are all retaining what they are learning. They are absolute blessings to me.

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