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Re: What are your expectations for longevity?

Yeah, this is a good thread.

Hm. I'm the type of person to quite often go with the flow (which should increase my longevity! hah) so I've never thought to put a number on it.
Only time will tell, but I would very much so like to make it past 80, because at that point I will have gotten to live a good portion of life. Now, I'm not cutting myself off at 80! With medical advances, so long as I don't do anything really stupid or nothing tragic happens, I could expect to easily live past 80.
It's the 20's that are gonna kill me (<--that was a joke, and I hope it stays that way!!!)

I think that expectations matter to a degree. I mean, if you expect to die at 30 then you probably will take worse care of yourself, ya know?

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