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My background

I'm telling my back ground because that is what leads up to my problems now.

It all began when I was 12 and had back surgery (scoliosis). Back spine was turned and flipped crushing my right lung. I have 2 bars, 4 plates and 8 screws holding my spine in place. I've had problems like muscle spasms through out the yrs. But after having my son things have been slowly going down hill. I got diagnosed with hypothroidism in 2002. I got diagnosed with bi-polar in 2005. After many failed visits to the shrink. Then the so many aches and pains, headaches, my back freezing up, numbness, plus so many more things. My docs did some testing but basicly they thought it was all in my head. Finally in 2007 I got rewarded my disablity for 3 yrs. I finally also switched docs and got ones that listened to me.

In Feb 2009 I got real sick and thats when things went down hill fast. Everything from my speach, to memory, my aches, more spasms, etc.

My doc now listens to my concerns but there is just so many and she was lost also. Until we talked about the pain clinic. I went there, after getting the injection (which I hated) I found out that my muscles r spasming because it is protecting my joints. So I came home looked up muscle/joint. That is where I came across Fibro. I talked to my doc and she ordered blood work. Came back as Auto immune def. All this happened over the summer and end of Sept I was diagnosed with firbo.

I take now cymbalta, nearontin, synthroid, antivert, bentyl, vicidin, napoxan, and a few others I can't remember.

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