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Re: My background

Originally Posted by lizmom2ryan View Post
I'm telling my back ground because that is what leads up to my problems now.

In Feb 2009 I got real sick and thats when things went down hill fast. Everything from my speach, to memory, my aches, more spasms, etc.

I talked to my doc and she ordered blood work. Came back as Auto immune def. All this happened over the summer and end of Sept I was diagnosed with firbo.

I take now cymbalta, nearontin, synthroid, antivert, bentyl, vicidin, napoxan, and a few others I can't remember.
Sorry to hear that you are in pain. Typically, autoimmune disorders begin after a major stressor to the body like a bad virus or an accident, injury, etc... With Lupus, for example, there can be a genetic tendency towards it. I would suspect Fibromyalgia has a genetic component as well. I have a cousin with Lupus and Fibro, just like me.

I am curious what tests were done that showed the autoimmune component and why was Fibromyalgia the disorder she diagnosed. Generally, it takes a long time to determine if one has FMS. The symptoms are very similar to other disorders such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, arthritis, etc.

It also sounds as if you have other components complicating your pain such as the scoliosis surgical repair. I am curious as to why you are taking the Antivert. Have you been dizzy? And, if so, do they know the reason? Is your doctor an internist or a rheumatologist, or did the pain management doctor diagnose this? I'm confused. But, what's new?

It sounds like it's been really hard life for you. I knew a friend who wore a brace for her scoliosis during the high school years. I felt sorry for her to have to wear that contraption during a time when teenagers are so self conscious. Your case sounds like it was pretty severe to require surgery and so much hardware and at such a young age.

If you have any specific questions, there is a lot of experience on this board. And if you need support, there's tons of compassion here, too.
Wishing you a pain free night,