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Originally Posted by Sunsetnan View Post
I am curious what tests were done that showed the autoimmune component and why was Fibromyalgia the disorder she diagnosed. Generally, it takes a long time to determine if one has FMS. The symptoms are very similar to other disorders such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, arthritis, etc.

It also sounds as if you have other components complicating your pain such as the scoliosis surgical repair. I am curious as to why you are taking the Antivert. Have you been dizzy? And, if so, do they know the reason? Is your doctor an internist or a rheumatologist, or did the pain management doctor diagnose this? I'm confused. But, what's new?

It sounds like it's been really hard life for you. I knew a friend who wore a brace for her scoliosis during the high school years. I felt sorry for her to have to wear that contraption during a time when teenagers are so self conscious. Your case sounds like it was pretty severe to require surgery and so much hardware and at such a young age. ,

My pcp just did bloodwork and found the auto immune. She referred me to a rheumatologist. I saw him end of Sept. I brought in all my paper work from all meds I'm on to all the problems I'm having. I wrote everything down. We had 1 hr appt and he said it was not lupus but took blood work to make sure. He said at this first appt I have fibro. I think he giagnosed me right there is because it has been many yrs of this pain and the tender pts. everything is in my file. He gave me some handouts, showed me some other stuff and that was it. I contuine with my pcp for any problems. Which I havn't seen her yet...I'm making appt on Monday.

As for the antivert, yes I have dizzyspells alot. not so much lately but when I have them watch out. I've had dizzy spells for gosh 15 yrs. Never went into detail really what causes it...that I'm aware of any

As for my back, if I had the surgery 6 months before I would have had to have a brace. Lucky I didn't have to have one. I kind wish I had though cause maybe I wouldn't have so many problems with my neck and back.

I hope that answered ur questions. Feel free to ask more.

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