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My Remedy

I challenge you to try something. Everyone on these boards have been so helpful to me and I thought this morning I need to do some giving. Well years ago I found a remedy for acne in the Bible and it worked and here goes. Every morning wash your face and afterward apply about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of Olive Oil, just enough to give a very thin coat of oil. Now do this for three weeks or at least two if you get tired with it. The first week or two your skin is going to expell is the only word I can figure out, or cast out debris and crud. You will notice a bunch of eruptions but it is just your skin expelling. Then on the third week your skin should look like a babies. I started doing this at 30 and am now 63 and still do it. People are estounded that I am 63. They say "no way", but my skin is still beautiful and without scars. Olive oil is the thinnest textured oil there is and will seep down under debris and wax in your pores and push out the junk. A girl I worked with once really had problems and I kept telling her about it. Eventually she tried it for 2 weeks and then gave up shortly afterward she was back using the Olive Oil I asked why. She said once I quit using it my face began to look like a pizza again.

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