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Re: SSDI / Has anyone received more money than what it stated on your SS statement?


I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Keep in mind that people get depressed when they see their situation as hopeless. Don't be hopeless! No matter what life throws at you, it still really isn't all that bad.

Getting connected with some other people might do you a world of good. There are support groups, churches, all sorts of other organizations, etc., where you could find lots of caring people and could possibly help you get some purpose back in your life.

Also, every community tends to have a low-income housing advocate or two who help people find suitable, low-cost housing. Do some phone calls and find out who it is in your area and talk to them. They might be able to get you into some housing quicker through one of the many programs out there. Homeless people tend to get priority, so you might say your friend is about to kick you out.

There are lots of us out there who care, but caring people don't know to come looking for you so you need to go looking for them.

Keep your chin up high, and remember there are much better days ahead! Be persistent and be the squeaky wheel to get the housing you deserve and get your other needs taken care of.

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