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Re: kidney cancer stages IV ?

Hi Grayfox,

Something definitely went wrong with my father's f/u care. When you have your follow ups and scans/mri's done, do they do your entire body? The biopsy found out that the cancer in my father's femur bone is from the kidney cells (renal) and his stage IV that was supposedly contained to only the kidney, did in fact metastize.. They didn't even want to scan the lower half of his body, because they felt it "wasn't really necessary, because kidney cancer usually spreads up". Guess they were wrong.. And trust me, if my father didn't go to the ER, they would have never known that he has cancer in his leg bone.

And the cancer on his lung is lung cancer.. So things are a mess with him. I just want thank you for replying let you know, that please make sure they check your entire body. I know every case if different, but look at my dad.. He never thought this would happen. He even asked the oncologist, about it showing up in blood work and he said 'No, not always.." Which means it's very important to get the scans done.

I wish u the best of luck and hope things turn out ok for you and the issues u are currently having with your other kidney. xo